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Reclaim your confidence through Healing Arts

If you identify as being "overwhelmed" and you're looking for a healthy outlet to express yourself, 

Welcome Home

The Homemade Creative was created with moms in mind who crave inner peace and mindfulness within themselves so they can raise their children with conscious confidence!


We share mindfulness practices, journaling techniques, artistic expressing, intuitive cooking and conscious parenting. We will have live demonstrations, group classes and resources for integration implementation!


My goal is to help inspire you to deepen your relationship to yourself while navigating and embracing all that comes with motherhood in a way that gives you peace.


Come as you are and be a part of a community that encourages self-expression, growth and expansion for a healthier, happier you! 

I am so happy you are here and happy you’ve found a place to express yourself and feel fully free to be fully YOU!

Paper Diaries

Daily Habits Journal

This all-in-one daily habit journal will help support you through your whole day, start to finish.

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Quote of the Month

The most satisfying journey you take is the journey you take inward.

- Nitin Namdeo

About the creator

There were very few times in my life that I wasn't seen with a journal in hand or creating something in some way. Having a creative outlet has, quite literally, saved my life on a number of occasions. 

I can recall the times where I wasn't expressing myself in an artistic way, not journaling or creating art. I consider these times the "dark ages". After these periods of time when I would pick back up on my art and journaling, I always felt like I was coming back home to myself.

When I became a mother, I again didn't have the capacity or bandwidth to create (because mom life). I was navigating my own way in motherhood, work and life that I just couldn't commit fully.

What I have learned is that making time to express your creativity greatly benefits your mental health and over-all wellbeing. You are intentionally deciding that you and your mind are important to explore. So much opens up for us when we have a space to freely be ourselves. Regardless of what ever life circumstances you are in, there is always room for a creative release. Whether that outlet is doodling, crafting, journaling, painting, cooking, gardening or home remodeling, making time to express yourself brings out only the best in us.

Allow the mission behind The Homemade Creative to help support you in discovering your creative outlet.


Hi, I'm Sierra!

What is The Homemade Creative?

To be homemade means to make something at home with love and often, hard work. You are putting in the work to create something with meaning. To be creative is to express your innate imagination. 

They do go hand in hand with your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Being creative is not restrictive to creating art. It's as expansive to anything you create with your hands. Life as a mom requires us to be quite creative, in more ways than just one. No one has every resource or tool available which means, you have to work with what you got. 

Sometimes the work we do on ourselves is the most important work we could ever do. As women, when we are aligned, we set an empowering tone for everyone else around us.

Embrace your Inner Creative

Paint Brushes
Watercolor Paint

Expressing your creativity is important for your overall wellbeing because it allows us to find meaning and connection in our life - it allows us to form a sense of accomplishment which will increase our confidence. 

Having an artistic expression allows us to be honest with ourselves, forming a sense of self-awareness and decreases stress. It provides an emotional release when words can fail us.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level through art by allowing yourself to become creatively unleashed.

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