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A little about me...

Hi friend, my name is Sierra Raine - it’s so very nice to have your here! Let me share a few personal facts about myself. I grew up in West Virginia and moved to central Ohio in January of 2013 (talk about a fresh start). 

I have always had a love for creative writing - a dream of mine has always been to write children's books.​ I love to hike, although I haven't been camping or hiking since I lived in WV and I miss it dearly. I love learning new things - currently learning more about Astrology, Human Design and all things related to the moon. I am often considered "The Mom" of the friend group and really love to entertain, especially around the holidays!


A little about my family...


Family is a pretty big deal for me. I have been with my husband since October of 2012 which started long distance for 6 months. I believe this was foundational to our relationship. We married in a beautiful rose garden June of 2016.

My husband is a very talented Sous Chef who is always creating beautiful food complete with the magic ingredient love for the home he works at. 

My daughter is now 5! Boy does time fly. She is my strong-willed, free-spirited, intuitive, creative, comedian. She has taught me so much about life in the short time she's been here and I am so grateful for her presence not just in my life, but for the whole world.

As a family we love to cook and paint together, creating delicious food and beautiful art. I like to call it "chaos cooking and crafting". Fun fact, the first year my husband and I started dating we painted long into the night with friends, really allowing us to put our feelings into an expression absent of words. It's the inspiration behind my group art classes.

We also enjoy being out in nature for walks with our nearly 8 year old pittie mix, Nesta, gardening and exploring new parks.

A little about my [her]story...

What even makes me qualified? I'm happy you wondered! It's super important to feel like you connect with someone before invest your personal experience with them. My educational background consists of a bachelors degree in Psychology focusing on childhood development and a certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I strongly feel that the education I received as a part of the IIN program aided so significantly to my Psychology degree -- it was absolutely the missing the missing piece I was looking for because healing is so much more than just our mind. I had always been interested in art therapy and during my IIN education I learned that creativity is vital to everyday life. I felt like I was handed the permission slip I needed!

My personal experience shouldn't be neglected because it brings a lot to the table too and truly, our expertise and ability to help comes from our own experiences and interpretations. To briefly touch on, I grew up being a part of my younger brothers three times a week child psychologist and psychiatrist visits that were as normal as grocery shopping with additional inpatient stays treated like desserts (think fruitcake). My mothers was a single mama who did her best to with us and showed me what it meant to start breaking generational bondages. Needless to say, I have quite the extensive personal insight. I have experienced relationships that have tried to mold me into a version that suited them which made me close off parts of myself. It's taken me a lot of work to un-do, reclaim and transform to become the person I am today. I embody a person that is way more confident and expressive than I've ever been before.

As I travel through this world, I am committed to continuing my education and personal growth so I can help mothers reclaim themselves and feel comfortable in their own mind.


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