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Manifest Creativity for the New Moon

The very first new moon of the new year will enter Capricorn which is about bringing in some goal crushing energy. I am no expert on astrology but it is clear that this is the time we want to be setting goals because this placement brings determination, patience and persistence to reach them. Everything about this screams "opportunity for creative breakthroughs", at least for me!

Setting up a ritual that aligns with your intentions is going to be key here. Since I am going for some big goals this year, creativity is at the center. The ritual I am going to be talking about is going to be specific for me but can be adjusted to how it feels best for you.

I will be focusing on enhancing creative energy, as mentioned earlier while also incorporating a money magnetism ritual to help me achieve my most prosperous year. As the months go by I will continue to provide updates to how my manifestations are playing out.

I'll be starting with my regular new moon ritual, releasing what no longer serves me. If you are brand new, let me break it down for you. Simply write on a piece of paper what you'd like to get rid of. This can be bad habits, behaviors, addictions or thoughts. I take this paper and burn it. Declaring to the universe that I no longer wish to carry these forward and to help me replace them with [insert your manifestations and intentions here]. Since the new moon is about bringing in things, I typically write all out that I desire in the form of present tense as if I am already experiencing it. For example, you want to get rid of sleeping in and want to replace it with a morning routine, here is what that could look like:

Release : I no longer wish to sleep in and because my goals are important to me.

Manifest/Intention : My morning routine has helped me focus on myself and ultimately my goals. I am so grateful to be an early riser.

Release : I no longer wish to smoke cigarettes.

Manifest/Intention : My health, relationships and finances are vastly improved since giving up smoking. I am grateful for the new opportunities that await for me.

The gist is that every negative has a positive, what will giving up this action or behaviors do for me. Hold on to how it will make you feel and feel as if you already possess it.

Once I have my manifestations ready, I will set them under a Creativity Reiki infused candle that I got at my local metaphysical shop, prior to lighting. This is going to be my candle every new moon as it will continue grounding me to my specific intention of that creative flow energy I want to embody not just for the month, but also for the year. You can choose any candle that aligns with your intentions. Repeat out loud what your intentions are and ask the universe to guide you. Sitting in meditation for as long as you need.

Next up is a ritual for money magnetism. Again, this Capricorn energy is perfect for changes in financial abundance. I've adapted this ritual to fit my specific intentions so I'll note what I will be specific to me.

Take a green chime candle or birthday candle and carve your name on it with a thumb tack. I'll be carving "333" as well as that's a number for symbolizing wealth and abundance.

Rub with Orange, Lavender and/or Frankincense essential oil. I'm using an Orange blend along with Frankincense.

I've decided to rub Red Clover Blossom and Blue Lotus leaf onto my candle which is completely optional. The Red Clover signifies success, while the Blue Lotus helps decrease anxiety. Since a lot of anxiety around "how will I earn money" or "where will it come from" is out there, for me this feels right.

Burn the candle and recite "Money, money come to me. In abundance 3 times 3. Enrich me in the best of ways, harming no one on its way. This I accept, so might it be- bring me money 3 times 3."

These rituals, in concept, I learned from Sara at Bloom and Manifest. I recently took her 8 week course Prosperity Path and to say it was transformative would be an understatement. Her course was an answer to a manifestation and the Universe came in for the win. Be open to receiving your manifestations in ways you wouldn't exactly expect them. That's sort of the whole part of this whole journey of life. Have fun with these rituals! You're bringing life into your reality.

It’s always ideal to spend the evening prior to the new moon cleaning up and tidying your home. This goes along with moving out the old to welcome the new. Take a nice Epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils, destress your body. Do a tarot reading or oracle cards, whatever you are aligned with.

Happy New Year and may you manifest all you desire!

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