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Create Your Way to Confidence

7 week Course

Studying at Home

Individual Support

Do you need more consistent help balancing your health and wellness goals? Or maybe you require help in other areas of your life or business. I offer a variety of 1:1 packages that are customized to fit your specific needs. 

These classes will be a place we can create and be in community with each other. Think “group therapy” but no one has to share anything if they don’t want. It’s a safe space to create and share. These classes range on topic and art medium.

Three Women

Healing Art Classes

Artist Painting in Studio

Team Building Classes

Are you a business looking for a unique team building exercise for you and your employees? Or, perhaps you are looking for a more tailored program to develop the leaders on your team? 

Virtual Assistant

Are you a small business owner that needs help with their back-end maintenance so you can focus on being creative? Or maybe you're stuck and need some creative insight? I got you covered. Check the consult for how I can support you.

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